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Welcome to this week's a 2 z
and the letter E.
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Confession time...you did know a confession had to be coming soon, right? LoL.

Even though I've been mulling over E words all week, none of them grabbed me as THE one, but here's a sample of what's been swirling in my mind and heart...
  • Enough--as in God whispering to me, "Is it truly enough, Patty?"
  • Evermore--as in the worship song Evermore (I will love You).
  • Eager--I'm still counting the days, eager for time with my sister.
  • Ecuador--I was homesick this last week.
  • Even so come, Lord Jesus--what my second mom, an extremely influential lady in my life, used to say during earthquakes and other extreme moments.
Echoes of elephants.

...choosing to say and say again every time my thoughts and actions contradict my belief, "It is enough."

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  1. Lovely elephant.

  2. Your second mom sounds like a very wise woman!

  3. I had trouble choosing words, too! There are so many great E words--effervescent, enigmatic, encouraged . . . I like the ones you chose to share.

    Thank you for this challenge, Patty! Enjoy your day.

  4. I made a long list of e words before picking one. Yours really makes one think... :)
    Donna Winters


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