Welcome to this week's a 2 z: Take 2
and the letter F.

Fee Fi Fo Fum...
I've been having so much fun!

LoL, But really, I have been.

I've been working on Fiction and getting some words racked up. Not as many as I'd like, but enough to keep the Forward momentum going. And it's been enough words that's I'm track with the goal that I set for February. =)

Last week we had daffodils blooming! Now, I hate to complain about something as wonderful as daffs--something I greatly look forward to every year, but I do have to admit that it made me wonder what will happen the rest of the year... It actually made me a little thankful for the cold weather we've had this week, even though the daffs are frozen now. =(

It reminds me that God clothes the fields and knows all about the daffs. I'm so very thankful.

So tell me, what's fun in your world right now?

ps--Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. This cold spell timed out perfectly for me! Dinky Twinky and I have been sick through most of it and haven't even noticed the chill. Now that we're better, it's supposed to get nice again. Woohoo!

  2. Forward momentum is Fabulous--and Fun! I'm taking a bit of a break From writing right now, but will return to it soon. What's most Fun For me right now is Fho--I mean, photography!

  3. I'm with Shelley- with the Fho-tography!

  4. My Fibro has been kicking me hard the last few days (well, weeks, actually, but especially this week), but that's not so fun. So cool that your fiction is coming along nicely!

  5. Sooo glad you're having fun - and moving with your fiction! I'm looking forward to having fun with my new smartpen :)

  6. Fun=horseback riding. Mine are in training to be better legs-sorry just watched a movie about horses. The "trainer" on the movie said that when astride a horse, you should move as one and let the horse be your legs.

    Now if I could just learn to be a better "body" on those legs, we'd be great.

    More fun= writing. Preparing complete MS for a contest. Considering a WIP for same contest. Not fun=writing the synopsis. :)

    Hugs Patty.

  7. I'm so glad you're having fun with your fiction. The fun in our house right now consists of scraping, sanding and painting, our wood work and walls. Not much fun, but will be beautiful when done.

  8. Patty, I was in your session for blogging at the Faithwirters conference in 2010 and bought your book and finally decided to start a blog a little while ago. I was swinging by your site and thought the a2z thing sounded fun so I took a stab at it.

    My blog still has a lot of work, but I thought if I waited until it was totally ready I would never get it going. Thanks for making Clearing the Blog Fog!

  9. Forward momentum, a perfect F to push us through February!


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