Not So Impossible

This is part of a devotional written years ago for kids, but I need the message every so often, and slipping it in "for kids" is a good way to sweeten the medicine for me. *wink* And smilies help everything. LoL

I handed bananas to Vance and Ivan. “Here, slice these without opening the peel.”

“Excuse me? You want me to what? Vance squawked. “There's no way I can do that!”

I pointed him toward the table where there were a number of items. “Sure you can,” I encouraged.

“But how?”

“Nope. No questions. You have two minutes. It can be done, just work at it.”

The two boys looked at each other then grabbed the plastic knives that were on the table. Two minutes later their bananas were butchered but they still hadn't figured it out.

“There's no way,” they said, pushing their bananas away.

I reached into my bag for another banana and instead of picking the plastic knife, I chose a safety pin that was sitting right beside it. With a few quick moves I sliced the banana then peeled it and offered the slices to the kids.


Remember how the boys felt when I gave them the bananas? That was probably how Gideon felt when the Angel of the Lord appeared to him and told him he was to lead Israel against the Midianites.

'You want me to do what? There's no way I can do that!' Gideon even made up excuses. 'I don't come from an important family and I'm the youngest one.'

Hmmmmm. I've thought the same things quite often. But what did God say to Gideon?

Surely I will be with you. ~Judges 6:16

Wow! What a promise! And it's a promise we see throughout the Bible when God calls someone to do things that are seemingly impossible.

Gideon hurried and brought out an offering for the angel of the Lord and arranged it on a rock, just as he was instructed. The angel of the Lord stretched out His staff, touched the offering, and fire jumped out of the rock, consuming the offering. Can you imagine Gideon's shock and surprise? What a display of God's power! If God could make fire jump out of a rock (and He did!) then surely God would keep His word and be with Gideon.

That's the same promise God has given to us as we do the work He's given us:
Surely I will be with you. ~Judges 6:16


  1. LOVE this. Having Him with us is ALL we need. Just need to convince ourselves of it!

  2. Great reminder! If we step out in faith and do what's been asked of us ... amazing things result. Do things God's way -- get God's results. Every time.

  3. Beautiful picture of faith!! I sure needed this right about now!! Love you!!


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