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Welcome to JollyDaze 4 & me!
A short six week meme to carry us through the end of the year.
A meme for us to enjoy the holidays with.
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Okay, so I have to admit--I'm lost on this one. Sure, I do a LOT of baking around Christmas. I love baking and hate cooking. BUT, this is the ONLY picture of anything we bake for the holidays, so, that kinda cans that idea...

These are the Sweet Rolls I grew up eating. They only made their appearance around the holidays AND whenever we went to the beach, so these puppies have WONderful memories baked into them. And of course, mine aren't as good as Mom's, but they do disappear twice as fast, even though I make a double batch. *wink* It helps that I have twice as many people eating mine than Mom did hers. LoL.

We have to make two kinds--one with nuts and raisins and one without. Oh, the cinnamonie scrumptiousness... Guess what I'll be making very very soon? yumz!

I also wanted to tell you about the year we girls, Mom, me and my two sisters (ages 30-65?) had a flour fight. In my kitchen. For some strange reason I was exhausted and I'm sure I wasn't the only one. One of them started it, probably because I was being a grump. Alas, I have no pictures of it nor the mess they made, but I know there's some out there somewhere. I remember there were cameras  somewhere, but with 20 of us here that year, there's no telling where the pictures are...just that they aren't on my computer. Figures. LoL

BUT, while searching for pictures of the flour fight, I DID find some of Mom (not the angel many think her to be!!) in the hazmat suit my firefighter, germ-o-phobe brother-in-law gave her for Christmas. To go dumpster diving in.

Sssshhhhh. It's one of those dirty family secrets. We love to dumpster dive. ;-) And it horrifies my poor brother-in-law (pictured at left *wink*). Bet'cha he didn't know that when he married my sister. hehe. But, as you can tell, he's a good sport and loves his mother-in-law enough to give her a suit to keep her safe while dumpster diving.
Or something like that. *snicker*

Yup. We have fun.
Huh. I guess I didn't cook myself into a box  this time after all. LoL.

So tell me, what's one of the whackiest gifts you've received? (or someone in your family...or that you've given...or...well, you get the idea!! LoL)

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  1. Didn't get my baking done until today, so I opted for writing about Christmas parties instead.

    Ya'll do a dumpster dive? That is hysterical. I'd be opting for the hazmat suit!

  2. Patty, now you've gone and made me hungry and it's bedtime. Maybe if I wish real hard, after you bake them, you'll send me some through cyber space.

    Love the hazmat suit! :)

    I opted for a short Christmas story this week.
    Love you!!

  3. Oh those rolls look and smell delicious!

    Fun post!

  4. Love the hazmat suit! My baking story isn't so awesome.

  5. The hazmat suit is priceless. I don't think my family is as funny as yours. And here I always thought we were...

  6. Your family is SOOOOO fun and crazy! LOVE this!

  7. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I didn't realize we had the dumpster diving in common!(Hey, maybe that's how that guy ended up in the barrel beside the road in Dixmont.) When I worked at Fuller's I did a fair amount of that, mostly for used auto parts that were going into an invention of mine some day. I always did too much dreaming. Catches up with you after awhile. It's like I woke up one morning and thought, " how'd I end up with all this junk?" :) Dan


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