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Now, for this week's installment of our a 2 z 4 u & me meme,
The letter V.

In case you're wondering, there is NO Vacancy at the Funny Farm. That's because I'm there, in residence. Very much so. Hopefully it's a temporary residence--and if it is, there will be a vacancy after awhile... but no guarantees. ;-)

V is also for Vroom Vroom. I'm gearing up for NaNo and making tracks--tell ya more about that later this week.

And because I can't resist...
V is for VANISHING. hehe.
Vanishing text that is...  Now you see it... Now you don't!

This last weekend was the French and Indian War re-enactment at Ft. Masaac--a family favorite we do each year. I had so much fun wandering around with my camera, blissfully snapping pictures.

Sometimes don't you feel like you're always out of sand in your hour glass? I do. So then I think if I had a bigger hour glass, if I had more time... but you know what, even if I had a gigantic hour glass, I'd still run out of sand. Lord, help me to use what I have wisely!

Don't forget this month's caption contest! It's along the Funny Farm lines...

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  1. I have a "No Vacancy" sign in head. Life is so busy, can barely find time to write. Why,oh why do I have to work for a living? It certainly gets in the way of what I REALLY want to do....LOL

  2. So - this is a one-woman funny farm? Can't I join??? ;)

  3. I have the keys to the funny farm:) I work there!

  4. Laury, I supervise the funny farm! Going to self-admit soon. Great post!

    Love the photo- bet you had a grand time!

  5. Are you sure there isn't room for one more? Maybe in the closet? :)

  6. As soon as volleyball season ends, I'll have room again. But I'm sure it will fill up quick!

  7. I'm trying to vroom vroom on my NaNo novel but my plot is still vanishing in too many spots....

  8. I think one of my kids broke my hourglass and used the sand for a project... that would explain it.

  9. Teehee. This made me smile tonight. Thanks! ^_^


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