40 Days of...

Numbers are important in the Bible, and one number we see repeatedly is the number 40. It's a number that often shows us a time of testing. Testing and waiting.

Many times when we see 40 days in the Bible, it is a time when God made major changes and transformations. It's a journey that leads to growth and change. Preparation.

Think about the changes God made in these times...

PhotobucketNoah—40 days and 40 nights of rain.

PhotobucketMoses—his whole life went by 40 year increments--starting with being 40 when he fled from Pharaoh and started a new life, 40 years on the backside of the desert, and 40 years leading Israel, then also 40 days on Mount Sinai.

PhotobucketIsrael—ate manna for 40 years while wandering in the desert.

PhotobucketSpies that Moses sent out—in Canaan for 40 days.

PhotobucketElijah—in the wilderness for 40 days.

PhotobucketJonah—warned Nineveh they had 40 days to repent.

PhotobucketJesus—fasted and was tempted for 40 days in the wilderness, appeared for 40 days after His resurrection.

Three years ago I committed to spending 40 days 'celebrating' my birthday and it was a life changing decision. Each year I've done this (three times now) I've noticed and experienced great growth and change in my life. And I'm doing it again this year.

Today starts a 40 day journey of preparation and I expect more growth and change to be the results. I'm really very excited about it. It's a time of spiritual renewal as I immerse myself in God's Word and hide His Word in my heart.

So tell me, how do you go about seeking God and preparing for what's ahead?


  1. Sooo glad you're doing this again. I REALLY need to do it for myself (and figure out when my 40 days start LOL). Praying for amazing growth and closeness to the Lord.

  2. (((Patty))) May you all have a healthy peaceful and fulfilling year. I pray these forty days draws you closer than ever to our Father! I pray that you embrace all that He has for you! LOVE YOU!

  3. lol for sure. don't know where the "you all" came from. May you!! :)

  4. (((Rita)))
    Thank you. Love you!!


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