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Well, the Bible study girls will be pleased to hear that I finally got my new glasses. No more double stacking readers on the tip of my nose, in addition to my normal glasses. It really looks... stupid hilarious when I do that, but when my choice was see to read or not, I opted for looking ridiculous and seeing. Even though some people couldn't look at me without spewing. Seriously. No exaggeration. Sooo, here are my new glasses.

After almost 20 years in the same shape/style glasses I went for something different. Unfortunately, the combination of the smaller lenses AND the bifocals is giving me fits. I'll adjust. Just ignore the muttering in the meantime. ;-)

I see these ones are crooked on me too. sigh. I think the problem is the crooked face, not the new glasses. LoL.

My middle son also has glasses now and he's noticing there's more to the world than he knew. Like the deer that graze in the orchard across the road every evening. He can actually see them. =)

He's still going through Wal-Mart reading the signs--signs he didn't know were there. LoL. Poor kid. He didn't know he was missing out on stuff so we didn't know he needed glasses!

hmmmm. Sounds a bit like our spiritual lives sometimes!

And then there's my clone. She got the cool metal purplish frames. I love them!! But they looked better on her than on me and this way I get to see them. ;-)

Our family does things together, even eye exams and glasses. *eye roll*

There ya go, Mom. Pictures of our new glasses. Just for you. Okay, for you and a few others. ;-)

So tell me, when was the last time you got new glasses? And if you have bifocals, how long did it take you to get used to them? I think I'm going crazy! And my poor eyes... ay yi yi. Is there hope??


  1. Ahhh...I wanted a picture of the triple decker glasses!
    I have bifocals. I love them! It takes a little getting used to going downstairs. Also, I (Shorty) have trouble reading things that are above things at a museum or on bulletin boards.
    You'll get used to them soon. ((hugs))
    BTW - you look cute in them!

  2. LOVE the glasses. Mine are, what? A year old maybe - or less? You prolly know better than I do. :::roll:: Hope you've adjusted. And Abby looks DARLING in hers - and that son of yours as well ;)

  3. LoL, Vonnie, I almost posted a pic of my double stacked glasses.

    I think the right lens is a little off-center because I can't focus in the bifocal part. Frustrating, but the tech has ordered a new lens for me.

  4. I got new glasses two years ago, and are due for another pair because of scratches. I can't stand dirty, smeared, scratched glasses!

    The hardest part for me is always the frame... I tend to pick out something pretty similar to what I had before. I am thinking I will take a friend or two with me next time to be my fashion consultants!

  5. Love the new specs!!

    Bi-focal wearer here. You get used to moving your head instead of your eyes when you need to use the bottom part. I also have bi-focal contacts - one eye is distance and one eye is close-up. THAT'S hard to get used to!!

  6. Love the new look your family is sporting! Nice!

    I wear progressive lenses and they were easy to get used to. My biggest problem is sitting down with my laptop and NOT putting my glasses on--makes for lots of typo's! I also read things that don't make sense and grab my glasses and find out it says something entirely different. lol
    I've had my current glasses approx. two hers, time for new ones.

  7. Love the glasses on you!
    I had lasik done on my eyes in the results but not the process. I still have to wear readers...have a gazillion pairs scattered all over the place.

  8. I remember my sister had the same problem as your son and didn't realize what she was missing. When she got new glasses she was like, "Look! I can see the individual leaves on the trees!"

    When my mom tried bifocals she kept hurting her ankle by trying to step down steps that weren't there. Hope you adjust quickly!

    As for me, I'm almost blind in one eye but normal in the other so I just wear one contact. My prescription hasn't changed in quite a few years, yay.

  9. Oh, forgot to say the new glasses look great on all of you!


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