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Now, for this week's installment of our a 2 z 4 u & me meme,
the letter O.

The letter O is brought to you by Orpah.

Orpah and Ruth were in the midst of something huge in their lives. Was it pleasant? Nope. Were they where they wanted to be, doing what they wanted to do? Not a chance. Their husbands were dead and they were with their mother-in-law on the way to The Promised Land. The land of promise. The land of blessing. But all Orpah saw was all she was leaving behind her.

But who's the one we always remember in this story? Orpah? No, it's Ruth. Ruth, who stepped out in obedience. And look at the blessing she stepped into--a people who loved her and adopted her, a husband and a son who went down in history as being King David's grandfather.

Can you tell I've been reading genealogy lately so Old Testament names are fresh in my mind? LoL.

The letter O is also brought to you today by Oholiab, the man God appointed and equipped to help craft the furnishings and ornaments of the Tabernacle. I love stories (Biblical accounts) of when God not only called people to a work, but equipped them! And thank goodness, Oholiab obeyed, and look at the outcome: the Tabernacle was built and "decorated" as God wanted. Oholiab was used by God.
My daring, outrageous cat, FlufferNut.

Oholiab gives me courage. Ruth gives me courage and reminds me to take the steps of faith and to obey. So when given the choice to go or stay--go with God. He'll lead you to The Promised Land.

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  1. God has a tendency to call those who feel the least equipped, doesn't He? So glad we can count on His strength to do what He asks us to do. May we always look for that strength instead of focusing on the loss like Orpah did.

  2. Oh I LOVE your ideas about how Orphah couldn't look ahead to the promised land because she was too busy looking back at all she was leaving behind! My family is faced with a looking ahead time in our lives. I so needed this word today! Thanks!

  3. It's definately better to go with God than to stay alone!

  4. SUPER post, dear Peejers. Two Bible "Os" for us to learn from.

    And fluffernut is the CUTEST.

  5. Our pastor mentions Oholiab quite often...otherwise I might not have recognized him.

  6. It really jumped out to me how Orpah looked back and that prevented her from moving forward. It kept her from great blessing. What a lesson in her that I've always missed because I was always paying attention to Ruth and Naomi.

  7. OH my we have the same cat! Mine is named Oliver. And obedience is something I struggle with too.

  8. I do love that He equips those He calls. Love it. "Inabilities, in Christ, are made all-sufficient, just-right abilities." - Ann Voskamp

  9. Reminds me of Hebrews 11:15, "And truly if they had called to mind that country from which they had come out, they would have had opportunity to return."
    Apparently, from Orpah to Lot's wife, looking back is not a good idea when God is telling us to go forward!
    Good reminder, Patty, one I needed today!

  10. Wonderful post (and comments, too!) This gives much to think about. Thanks!

  11. Fantastic post! Peej, you always have a way of making me confront issues in my own life! HUGS!

  12. Ah, great post Peej. That's such a good point to remember when I really feel like whining. ^_^ (and I love FlufferNut!!)

  13. Great picture of FlufferNut!!

  14. Thanks for the reminder! Don't look back--God has so much in store ahead!

  15. Looking forward to jumping into the meme. "P" here I come!


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