Ordinary Lives. From a 2 z 4 u & me

Now, for this week's installment of our a 2 z 4 u & me meme,
the letter L...
as in lalalala.

That's what I'm doing this week.
No, not singing--unless the song is in the key of panic (which of course always sounds OFF key, making it so I could actually pull that key off).

Last week and this week I'm tuning up for the Faithwriters conference this weekend!

I. am. soooooo. excited.
I get to see friends I only get to see once a year and be with people who understand about voices in my head. *grin*

But I'm also running LATE. Late on reading last week's posts, late on life, late on preparing, and late to bed!

So, that means a LITTLE post this week.(Don't cry too hard. *eye roll*)

It also means no blogging last week and this week. But I'll be back after conference, ready to roll.

Have a Luscious week!
(told ya I was late to bed, LoL)

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  1. I had visions of you with fingers in your ears yelling "la la la la" so that you could not hear everything around you! Could be! cut post. Enjoy your time this weekend.

  2. I have a feeling we'll be singing your praises (la la la) this weekend :) I'm looking forward to reviewing some blogging essentials this weekend and just meeting my teacher(s) face to face.

  3. And here I thought L stood for LOL. La de dah, what do you know? *roll* Nice, Peej, here I thought you were going to be serious. *DUCKING*

    (and I can hum for you, have plenty of songs in my in particular at the moment) :P


  4. Hey there! Looks like you're making it. You will make it. You must make it! Be seeing you soon, Peejers!!!!

  5. Can't wait for the conference! It is going to be a luscious week! See you really soon, Peej!!

  6. Have fun at the conference! Sounds lovely, especially since you'll get to see your blogging buddies.

  7. I'm with you--a LITTLE post this week! LOTS to do before LIFTING off LATER this week. :)

  8. Smiling and nodding :) LOVE you!

  9. Hee hee... I keep thinking about the White Rabbit's "I'm late, I'm late," too! How do my days disappear so fast?

  10. Whew, I didn't even find the time to do mine until now. Was about to go to bed when I realized I'd switched from 3rd to 1st person in the middle. LOL

    Was great to see you and meet your girls!

  11. Well, I'm very, very late...but glad to get it posted.


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