Puddled Ducks

Driving past an empty field the other day I saw a pair of ducks floating in a puddle. I wanted to stop and tell them that there was a beautiful farm pond only half-a-mile away, but I realized the silliness of the thought even as I sped past.

I think I'm like those ducks--contentedly sitting in my muddy puddle, satisfied with so little when God has so much more for me. I sit and twiddle my toes in mud instead of moving to the place God wants me to be—a place of blessing and great riches. A place where God can use me.

Why do I do that? It's easier to stay in my cozy hole than it it to face the unknown. It's easier to sit in my puddle than to spread my wings and fly to a spot I've only heard is 'just over there'. It's easier to mind my own business than to possibly embarrass myself.

I cannot know the riches of His glory while sitting in my little mud puddle. I need to move to the pond God has for me in order to experience the surpassing greatness of His power.

Father, open the eyes of my heart that I may know the hope of Your calling.

“I pray that the eyes of your heart
may be enlightened,
so that your may know what is
the hope of His calling,
what are the riches of the
glory of His inheritance in the saints,
and what is the surpassing greatness
of His power toward us who believe.”
Ephesians 1:18-19 (NAS)


We have two winners today, wrapping up the final Book Bonanza giveaway! But never fear, (LoL, that's such a fun phrase to use!) we'll still have one or two giveaways each week. :] I have authors scheduled through the first week of January and some even beyond that, so be sure to drop by each week for the Author Spotlights!

The winner of Christina Berry's book, The Familiar Stranger is Joanne.

And Abby is the winner of Susan Page Davis' book, Hearts in the Crosshairs.


  1. Joanne - as in ME?? How cool is that??? Can't wait!

    And I love the puddled ducks analogy. Great stuff!

  2. Anonymous1:47 PM

    I can relate to this post! Thanks!


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