Hot dogs n Hayrides

I love the fall--always have. But this year our fall has been cold and damp. Getting anything done outside has been a trick because of all the rain we've had. Here's the road to my house--about two weeks ago. Some of the beans are now harvested and the corn looks even more raggedy, but hey, the road home always looks good to me. I live just on the other side of the hill. Stop by sometime! =)

Last weekend we hosted our church youth group for a hot dog roast and hayride. What a good time we had! There were 60+ kids here (at least that's how many I counted in the three pictures I took of the kids around the fire) and they were great.

I'm convinced that a big reason they were so well behaved and fun to be with is because we have the best youth pastor and leaders in the country. Yup, I'm prejudiced, but I just know they're some of the greatest! The ladies that were serving the food to the kids were jamming to music, which just happened to be 'oldies' so the songs were all from our high school days. LoL Once the kids were served they roasted their own dogs and used them as microphones. =] Man, I love those girls! They really know how to have fun!!

Some of the other youth leaders provided the hayride, saving us a whole lotta time trying to outfit our trailer for a hayride. Three of these kids were some of my Wednesday night girls but are now the newbies in the youth group. I miss them on Wednesday nights, but I know they're having a blast with the big kids.

The junior high kids were the first ones to go out on a hayride, and just before they took off the boys threw some straw in my younger daughter's face (that's her in the red & black check flannel)--just having fun as kids do. In her haste to get the straw out of her face she accidentally caught her glasses and flipped them into the straw...and they were gone. We hunted for 30 minutes with flashlights but we couldn't find them. So the kids went on the hayride, then the high school kids went out (there were twice as many of them as junior high kids!) and finally the college kids went out (our youth group is so good the college kids stick around just as long as they can!). Right after the college kids came back Mike went home, taking the wagon with him. We figured we'd go over the next day and ask to sift through the straw in the hopes of salvaging her lenses. But we didn't have to! Mike came back around midnight with her glasses all in one piece!! She put them on and they weren't even bent out of shape! I haven't seen Mike yet to ask if he had to bend the glasses back into shape or not. It still amazes us!! Thank you, Mike! =] Thank You, Lord!!

That was the highlight of my week.
What was the highlight of your week?

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  1. how fun!!! love the hot dogs on sticks!

  2. What fun! Thanks for sharing - and what a great glasses story :)

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  4. Sounds like a great time. We need a jeweler weiner roast:) Gonna plan that, Peejers?


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