Windows of Opportunities

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Windows of Opportunity

“That's quite a load you've got there, Kylie,” Mable White called from her front porch where she sat with her feet up. “What are you up to today?”

Kylie parked her wagon at the bottom of the steps. “Can I wash your windows for you, Mrs. White? Mom says I'm a good window washer and I've brought everything I use to clean our windows.” She waved her hand toward her wagon of supplies, which included a step stool.

“Well, my goodness, child, you've surprised me! I'd love to have you clean my windows,” Mable said.

With a big smile Kylie grabbed her bucket and roll of paper towels, went up the steps, and got right to work with her squeegee.

“So, what are you saving up for this summer?” Mable asked as she watched Kylie work.

“Well, I'd like an mp3 player.”

“A window washing business is a great idea. You should be able to save enough fairly quickly. You could even call your business 'Windows of Opportunity'.” Mable chuckled at her own pun.

“Oh, I'm not doing this to be paid, Mrs. White,” Kylie hastened to assure her.

“You're not? Then why are you washing my windows?” Mable asked, perplexed.

Kylie bit her lip as she worked. “In Sunday school yesterday, Miss Beth told us that we could serve God by doing things for other people. She said serving God isn't something we have to wait to do until we're grown-up; we can do it right now. And she said there's always something we can do to serve Him, but that sometimes we need to do things we're not used to doing.”

Mable chuckled, nodding her head. “Miss Beth is right. Serving God is important and it is something you can do at any age.” She gazed up into the maple branches, thinking about what Kylie had said.

Lord, I'm not used to being the one who's on the receiving end of being served. I'd much rather be the one serving.

“So why aren't you serving instead of feeling sorry for yourself?”
came the silent reply.

Because I'm stuck in this chair with a lame knee!

“And there's nothing you can do while you're there?”
Before Mable could respond there was more. “Did you even stop to think that maybe you're there for a reason? That maybe it's time for you to do something other than the things you're used to doing?”

Mable looked over at Kylie.

“If a child can find a way to serve Me with her seemingly limited resources, don't you think you can find a way to serve me from your chair?”

Mable's eyes slid closed as the truth hit home. I'm sorry, Lord. You're right--there are many ways that I can serve You from right where I am. Help me to have a good attitude about this adjustment in my life. Bless Kylie, Lord. Her willing and sweet spirit have been an encouragement...” Mable's eyes popped open.

“Kylie, would you run in the house and get me a few things?” she asked.

“Sure, Mrs. White. What do you want?”

“That little lap stationery desk my son gave me, my Bible, and the church directory; that should get me going.” Mable smiled as she watched Kylie hurry into the house, feeling better than she had in weeks.

While Kylie washed windows, Mable wrote a few notes, praying as she wrote. She was just putting on her fourth stamp when Kylie lugged her bucket and step stool back around to the front of the house.

“You've been a tremendous blessing to me today, Kylie.” Mable said as Kylie climbed the stairs.

“For washing your windows?” Kylie smiled as she sank down into a matching chair.

“Yes, but not just that. Not only did you wash my windows, but you encouraged me, too—and that was also serving God.”

“Encouraging people is serving God, too?” Kylie asked.

“Yes, it is. Serving God can be done in many ways, and sometimes we just need to look around for windows of opportunity to serve Him.” Mable tapped the small stack of envelopes and smiled.

Kylie giggled. “And those windows don't even need washing!”


  1. Ok, this was such a great story. It certainly got to me - sniff, sniff. Think I needed this today. Thank you. :*)

  2. Awwww! Suddenly I feel the need to write some letters or something. I love this story, and its message.

  3. Great message I can relate to. Great characterization within a needed lesson!

  4. Just wonderful message - a favorite of mine, with a great lesson.

  5. Wonderful lesson. Beautiful story. Thank you for the encouragment!

  6. Sweet story and such a wonderful reminder - we don't need to look for something grandiose to please the Lord - just watch for the daily opportunities, however insignificant they may seem! Thanks, Patty, and may the Lord bless you with refreshing and energy!

  7. Love this story, Peejers. Thanks for sharing with us and THANK YOU so much for your totally awesome idea for Friday Fiction. I like being back:)

  8. Always an important spiritual lesson to be found in your writings. I love that we can serve God in so many different ways, even ways we don't think are bringing honor and glory to Him.


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