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Gathering At the Well

Today's discussion At the Well is something that is near-and-dear to my heart and I'm excited. It's the secret that probably saved my marriage. The secret that took my marriage out of the drudgery level and put the love back into my marriage. You can read Sherry's post here, and you really don't want to miss it—she tells a wonderful story to illustrate her point.

I'm an expert fault-finder. Ask my husband. Ask my poor kids. I'm a pro.
BUT it's not a fatal disease unless I allow it to be!
Isn't that wonderful?!?!!!! (I'm bouncing—even in if you can't see me. LoL. Truly!)

So, how do I cure my constant bent to picking my husband to pieces?
By deliberately exchanging the the picking and complaining to thankfulness.
Every time I catch myself mentally complaining about my husband, I deliberately make myself switch to finding things to be thankful about.

So, what are some things I'm specifically thankful for in relation to my husband?
PhotobucketHe loves me! (let me tell ya—that's a biggie cuz I'm not very lovable most of the time!!)
PhotobucketHe loves our children and is teaching and training them—something that takes a huge amount of his time.
PhotobucketHe supports me in all my looneyness and doesn't complain about the people that live in my head. He even teases me about that birdie that lives in there.
PhotobucketHe listens to me!
PhotobucketHe accepts me as I am and wants the best for me.
PhotobucketHe cares enough to do what needs doing—even when he knows it will put him in the line-of-fire.
To celebrate our 19th anniversary I posted more reasons--and a picture of us.

He is the perfect man for me and God blessed me tremendously when He brought us together. I am so thankful for him!


  1. Got to love a husband that not only loves you but loves all those people in your head...he is a keeper.


  2. The pictures of the flowers on your blog are so pretty and cheerful!

    I am new to this site, and I am having fun reading all of these thankful ladies' stories today.

    I too am thankful for my man!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  3. Anonymous5:43 PM

    This Newlywed, is wholeheartedly taking your advice!

  4. ummmm, the birdie? That's a new one.

    However, this topic today is awesome because I just entered into my prayer journal some things about this subject.


  5. I can so easily become an expert fault-finder! I try everyday to keep my focus on the good things, not the faults. It is hard sometimes, but it is so worth it!

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Being deliberate about things like that is SO important. Thanks SO much for this reminder, dear Patty.


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