I Survived

My surprise crunch week is over and I survived! I'm so relieved!
Thank you to those who were praying me through--I know that some of you were and I greatly appreciate it! Hugs to you!

Sooooooo, being the cookie monster that I am, I decided to celebrate with the Girl Scout Cookie quiz that dear, sweet Kristen did. I drooled over those chocolate mint cookies--until my niece delivered my box, then I dove in face first. Oh, how I love those cookies! It's been years since I've had one, so they were a treat. I should have read the options closer though. I completely forgot about these ones, and according to the Girl Scout quiz at Blogthings, this is what I am:

You Are Peanut Butter Sandwiches / Do-si-dos

You are easy going and naturally happy. You don't need a lot to make you smile.

You genuinely care about people and are a great friend. You're always doing your best to make the world a better place.

Even though there isn't an immature bone in your body, you still are like a big kid sometimes.

Why make life complicated when the best parts are actually quite simple? You enjoy the small joys of life.

I love peanut butter and peanut cookies. Guess what kind I'll be ordering next year? Yup, Do-si-dos! Too bad I have to wait a year.

Over the next couple of days I'll be getting caught up on life--hope to see you there! LoL--sorry, I'm just a liiiiiittle slap-happy today.


  1. Yum! i'm a shortbread cookie :)

  2. I'm a Do-Si-Do, too, Peej. Ah well, even if I can't eat 'em anymore, I can still BE like one, I guess. (-;


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