Eight Random Things

Since this week has NOT gone according to plan (but really, when do they?!) I'm gonna kick back and have some fun...because I need some!

My dear friend Dee at My Heart's Dee-Light tagged me for 8 Random things, so here they are, in random order.

1.I'm addicted to smiley faces.

2.I hate noise, so I have three cats (well, four if you count the stray that we feed but don't claim), one touched-in-the-head dog, and five kids—all of whom love loud music, just like their dear dad. One of the best gifts Jim has ever given me was an mp3 player. I can put in my ear buds turn on Mozart and tune out the lunacy around me.

3.People live inside my head—making it very noisy in there, too! (waaaaaaa!)

4.I always have a secret junk food stash near at hand ...and it needs constant replenishing.

5.Once I translated a testimony into a history of my tormentor's, er, friend's love life. He turned three shades of red when he finally realized it was pay-back time for all the jokes he'd pulled on me. (but in my defense: I DID go back and translate correctly.)

6.I keep old shoe laces because we once tied together a Bronco's universal joint with my shoe lace...and made it up the mountain and safely home.

7.I learned to drive (yanno, real-life driving, not driver's ed driving) in a one-ton pick-up in down-town Chicago—complete with parking garages designed for compact cars. My truck's name was Burnt Sugar Pile 'cuz it was primer brown and very ugly—and it still is! (And that's her right there! -->)

8.I'm actually toying with the idea of sky diving. Operative words: toying with the idea.


  1. Is that your actual Burnt Sugar Pile in the photo, Pee?! Oh so funny! If you decide to sky dive, let us know so we can look up...( :

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm having a difficult time picturing you in that truck!!! lol. And skydiving, huh? Need a picture taker?

  3. Very little of this surprises me. Why? I dunno ;) But it was still TONS of fun to read!

  4. ha,ha,ha....loved these! I learned to drive with a standard, too, only mine was a VW that was very tempermental.
    I love your smilies! Love ya, too!


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