I'm 100!

...in post counts, that is.

I went to post today's blog and just happened to need to sign in to Blogger, which took me to my dashboard and my eye just happened to catch '99 posts' as I clicked the new post button. This is unusually because this is only the second time I've noticed how many posts I've made! And the last time was months ago! So, I decided I'd save today's post for tomorrow and do a fun 100th post for today to celebrate!

To celebrate, I took a walk down memory lane, like I hope to do when I actually turn 100...hopefully I'll remember where my brain is by then! LoL

My favorite posts are:
~A Sheep in Mules Clothes
~Reading the Words

The most reprinted posts are:
~The Small Things
~Prayer Through the Night
~A Namaan Complex
~Weedy Deeds

The hardest blog to post:
~My Other Boys

The one that still makes me snicker:
~Bird Butts

It's also pretty cool that I received a blog award this award. It's the 'I Love Your Blog Award' and I received it from Julie, the Surrendered Scribe and Joanne of An Open Book. Thank you so much ladies! You're both wonderful!

I'm passing this award on to The Herd. She's just recently moved to St. Petersburg, Russia, and I've loved following her along her journey.

Thanks again, Julie and Joanne! You've made my day even more special!

Happy 100th post, everbody! You've made blogging a truly wonderful thing for me! Huggles all around!


  1. Happy, Happy 100th Post!!

    : )

  2. You look awful young for a centarian, girl ;) Congratulation on 100 posts, dear, and you're welcome ;) I LOVE your blog :D

  3. What a great 100th post! Congrats!
    Thanks for all your prayers and comments!!!


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