Ivy to Alfalfa

I had to give Ivy a haircut.
He went from being beautiful, wrapped in a wreath of healthy ivy leaves that completely hid his pot, to looking like Alfalfa, sitting in a pot too big for him. His poor health and haircut were the consequences of my negligence.

Plants need water to live, and I kept putting off watering. I'd tip my water glass into him every now and then--whenever I happened to see he was wilting, but it was never enough. Yesterday I noticed that he was almost completely dried up. I'd waited too long to water him.

Sin, and its consequences, work the same way. My sin affects others. There have been many times that I've messed up, and my family paid. It wasn't just me getting the haircut. It wasn't just me that was left looking like Alfalfa. The fact that they were so affected hurt me more than my own personal consequences—those I could accept and deal with—but knowing they were suffering because of me, was like constantly cracking open a scab that was trying to heal.

Don't put off doing what you know needs to be done. It may take awhile, but the evidence of neglect will eventually become visible, and when it does it's ugly! That's when the shears come out and the dead gets cut off. If it doesn't get cut off, it just causes a much bigger mess as time progresses, on top of being ugly. Don't delay! Get rid of the dead, gather the living 'round about you, and move on. Sure, you may look like Alfalfa, but it will only be for a time. Water yourself with the Living Water and new growth appear, hopefully thicker and healthier than before.


  1. Super analogy - and SO accurate. I HATE when my kids or folks suffer for MY sin. I'll remember this one.

  2. What a wonderful devotional! thank you!

  3. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Thanks for this blog. I'm always so encouraged to see how God is using sites such as this one.

  4. Putting off watering is my biggest flaw, Peej. And then, just like your poor ivy, my plants look drooped and neglected. Love the analogy to our own lives! I feel thirsty the busier I get. I hope I remember to stop and take a drink.


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