Morning Rain

How many times has it happened that just as it gets light enough to really start doing something outside, it clouds up and rains.

Life often does the same thing to us.

Just as life appears to lighten up so we can actually do something, a storm will blow in and the rain starts, stopping us from what we wanted to do. Is it that what we were going to do is bad? Not necessarily. Is it that God likes to rain on our parade? No. The rain cleanses the air and waters the earth so things can grow, and when the sun comes out again, everything appears brighter--it even smells better. Those are good things and they apply to life's storms, too.

So, when life rains on us, remember that when it passes we'll be refreshed and brighter for it. We can't grow without rain to water us.


  1. Thank you for this word today, Peej. I'll pretend that it was just for me, okay? LOL!
    Love you, girlfriend!

  2. Sometimes it really does feel like God wants to rain on our parade. FEELS like it. So important that we remember what we KNOW instead. Thank you for pointing to that wisdom from Him.

  3. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Really good thoughts. I need to remember that it is raining....again.

  4. Great thoughts.

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