Flooded Free

There's a low-lying field next to the road to town that floods every spring. (LoL--the same field that had ducks swimming in a mud puddle.) After the water drained off, I noticed the flood had left a legacy of surfaced trash. Trash that had been tucked here-there-and-yonder had floated free of its hiding place, and as the flood waters receded, it was left in a neat line at the water's farthest reach. A can recycler would have an easy time of it right now. Rather than having to zigzag around, they'd only have to follow the water line.

When our lives flood, it's not all bad. The trash that's tucked away, just out of sight, is floated free and it surfaces so we can easily spot it and get rid of it.

Seeing that line of trash on the banking of the field made me wonder if I'd been using my floods wisely--to help me clean the trash out of my life.


  1. Wow, Peej! What a great thought. Is that the flood that comes during the storm?
    Love you, girlfriend!

  2. You sure hit the nal on the head for me right now... lots of flooding and lots of trash turning up! Come visit me at shirleymcclay.blogspot.com !


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