Bible People Costumes

Our church has a big Easter presentation each year and we're privileged to be involved in the drama end of it. In practice we were called “Bible people” and since there was over thirty of us involved they’d call out things like, “Ok, Bible People, to the back so we can run through the miracles scene.” All seven of my family were involved so I got to make 'Bible People' costumes for us—a lot of them.

It was easy to spot the Bible People in drama practice, but I wonder if it’s as easy to spot the modern-day Bible People? We don’t run around in flowing robes and head coverings so can others tell we’re Bible People? Is our faith just a costume we pull on when we go to church, or even when we bump into others to whom we want to be known as Christians to? Are we known as Bible People by our neighbors and the cashiers at the grocery store? Is our faith just a costume or is it soul-deep; a life-style?

Don’t be just an actor. Be true Bible People.


  1. Very good thoughts for this Easter morning! You, my dear, are a true Bible Person and you are raising true Bible people:) I admire you so much, Patty dear.
    Love you,

  2. I love your thoughts in this.
    I've had my share of looking for children's bathrobes and keeping headcloths from slipping off.


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