Turtles and Pear Trees

On the way to church yesterday evening, we went past a pond that we've passed hundreds of times. When I saw shiny lumps lining the north bank I did a double-take, knowing there had never been rocks there before. It was a crowd of turtles sunning themselves, but they were only on the north banking. It made me chuckle, until I realized just how smart they were.

I was still marveling over them when we drove down Main Street, which is lined with pear trees that are beautiful in the spring. The trees on the north side of the street were in full bloom, but those on the south side were just beginning to blossom. I found the answer much faster the second time around, and not only did I marvel, but I was filled with the desire to be in a position where I could soak up the Son and begin to bloom.

I want the advantage of the southern exposure, and like those turtles, I'm able to move and follow the Son. I don't have to miss a moment of Sonshine!

I'll see you on the Sonny side.


  1. Yes! I want to see you on the Sonny side, too, Peejers! Great thoughts. You need to get a picture of those suntanning turtles. I would love to see that picture! We don't have many turtles around here. Great writing, as always -- great thoughts!

  2. LoL--I wished for a picture of it, too, Laury!! I'll have to see what I can do about that. Hugs!


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