The Green Glow

The other day we all went to the lumber yard and I thoroughly enjoyed getting out with the family. As we drove down the highway the sun peeked out for a few moments, illuminating the trees and I was able to see what had been hiding right in front of me.

The trees were still barren, but when the sun hit them they glowed green. The green that makes you know there's life there, even though all appears to be dead.

Lord, when people look at my life, do they see the green of Your Spirit living in me, or do they just see the barrenness of life without You? Help me to grow and glow so that they see You in my life. Let them see the light of Your love shining in me.

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  1. I sure hope that people see the green in me. I don't want to appear dead to people. I want His light to shine on me, and I want others to see the glow, so that they too may desire to have it in their lives.

    You always have such wonderful insights and observances. :)


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