Poison Ivy

I have a couple of kids that catch poison ivy very easily and one of them is my teen daughter. Living in the country like we do, there's an abundance of it but they know where most of it is and know to stay away from it. Right now the leaves are just popping out so I was surprised when she came to me and showed me her blisters.

“Mom, why do I get it and you don't?”

I had to laugh at her question. “Because I don't go where the poison ivy is and you do.”

It was no sooner out my mouth then God flashed the neon 'Duh!' sign He has just for me.

Why do some things effect me that don't bother or effect my Christian sisters? Because I go where poison ivy is and they don't.

It's made me, once again, consider where I walk. Am I tip toeing through poison ivy hoping and praying I don't get it? It would be so much better if I just stayed away from areas where I know the poison ivy grows!


  1. This reminds me of the scripture that talks about how we can drink poison and tread upon the heads of serpents without being harmed. People misunderstand that verse and think that it means that they can do whatever they please and God will take care of them.

    I believe that God will take care of us, but he also wants us to be wise and use caution. If we choose to step into the poison that is out there, how can we expect not to be hurt?

    Wonderful insight Patty.

  2. Very good words, Peejers, and so true:)


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