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Really, I DID plan on doing a post on something other than monkeys for the letter M, but... oh well. I'll do it later.

Monkeys love strawberry jam. And I do mean LOVE. Giving them the almost empty box of homemade strawberry freezer jam is as much for our entertainment as their enjoyment. Before the box is licked clean, they'll almost stand on their heads to get it all.

Getting pictures of monkeys is not as easy as you may think. We had to upgrade our camera to have a high speed clicker. It often takes up to 10 shots to get a decent picture.

Toby is a goof, but he's even goofier in some of the pictures I end up with of him.

Since we exhibit the monkeys, they get to see their vet on a regular basis. When they're working, they see him twice a month.

I am so very thankful for our vet Carey. He's phenomenal with animals, and isn't put out by over excited monkeys. Not only that, but the vet's office staff is great. Fonzie doesn't do well with dogs, so when there's dogs in the waiting room, the ladies point us to an exam room to wait in so Fonzie doesn't freak out and terrorize the dogs.

Being part of the family means being taking baths are a MUST. For the most part, the boys love bath time. Toby likes playing with the bubbles in his daily bath, but every now and then he's a stinker and I end up as wet as him. But hey, kids are the same way. ;-)

Nap time...

TV time is often snuggle with the family time...

Thanks for putting up with yet more pictures of monkeys. =)

So tell me, if you could have an exotic pet, what would you have?

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  1. You had no other choice than to go with monkey! So cute! Do they need to wear the leash when at home?

    1. Whenever they're out of their cage, yes, they're on a leash. They move so fast and if they don't want to be caught things can get pretty... wild. There's just too much for them to get into and either hurt themselves or destroy part of the house, so yes, they're on a leash.

  2. I recently saw a picture of a fennec fox -- adorable. They're supposed to be sweet-natured and can be trained to use a sandbox. That's my choice.

    1. I'll have to look that up, Susan. I think I saw one of those listed in the exotic flyer I get. I like the potty training bit. ;-)

  3. Jamin Walker1:46 PM

    Well apparently ferrets are exotic I've already got that covered! Obviously they are just as exotic as your monkeys ;) Haha

    1. Ha! You only *think* they're exotic, Jamin. LoL.
      I still haven't met your ferrets. Must change that!! =]
      Fun to see you here! =]

  4. Monkeys have to be so much work! I can't imagine the dedication of time and effort it must take.

    I love exotic animals but don't think I'd ever want one as a pet. But were I allowed to and if it made the animal happy, too, I'd have an elephant. I love elephants.

  5. Can't believe I didn't make it over to this post back when you put it up! Too much fun. GOTTA share it with the hubby and kids. I know MY KIDS would want monkeys. I think I already have exotic animals in my home ;)

  6. How in the world did I miss this post! I LOVE the monkeys! And those pics are adorable, Patty! I always wanted a monkey, so I guess if I could have an exotic animal that's what it would be...or an elephant. And I promise, Karla...I did NOT see your post until I wrote mine!


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