Moving Forward

This is a truth I've been living this week. It's not over yet but the end is in sight.

For months I've been ready and wanting to fold and walk. I didn't understand it. I saw no reason for it and it made me feel foolish and very ungrateful for all God has done for me. A friend asked me a simple question and that led to all kinds of emotions, the least of which were wanting to walk away from it all.

It made me realize what might possibly be at the root of those feelings.

I'm so tired of it all. Just this last weekend, before all this...erupted... I told my near-and-dears that I was sick of all this, of being a chicken. So when I saw what might be the root cause, after almost throwing up (seriously) I turned and went back the way I came.

Peace trickled in after I took action and applied an axe to those roots.

It's good to be moving forward again, even if going back the way I came was painful and is...unpleasant. It's comforting and encouraging to know I have an anchor that holds when the storms kick up.

I have a Friend Who holds my hand.

So tell me, are you moving forward or do you need to turn and go back the way you came?


  1. WoW! I, too, often think I need to go back and confront some issues. I also know that to do so would mean a verbal, and almost physical, onslaught. This, to which I realize the need to forgive, let it go, and move forward. Enemy attack. So yes, taking the axe to the roots is a very good idea. Well said, Friend!

    1. Some things are like thorn trees, Shelley. The only way to effectively deal with them (beyond simple avoidance, which only works so long anyway) is to go for the roots. Chopping them down just lets them keep cropping up, with a stronger root system.

      Hebrews talks about the root of bitterness, too. But we know that pulling roots is hard, regardless of how you go about it.

      But it's worth it.


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