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Sometimes it's nice to post things
Just Because.
This is one of those times...

Just where I want to be...

My happy place...

I love the beach--but not to lay out and sunbathe. *shiver* Forget that. I love just sitting and watching and listening to the waves...to walk the beach... sheer bliss.

Palm trees happen to be my favorite trees, but they just don't grow in Illinois. Usually. LoL. I do have a pair of little ones in my house, imported from Arizona.

Palm trees...my favorites.
These colors and textures drew me in. Natural fibers, hand dyed. Just beautiful. I've wanted to post this picture for almost a year but never had reason to...so I decided to, just because.

I love these colors...
So tell me, what's something you want to do, just because?

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  1. Just Because got me in trouble financially. So I kicked Just Because out of my house. :)

    1. LoL, Diana. That's a very good point! Just Because can cause LOTS of trouble. Let's steer clear of that side of Just Because and stick with the good, cheap, joyful side of it!!!! =]

  2. Lovely pictures. Sitting in front of a fireplace with a good book is a just because thing for me :) LOVE doing it - though I haven't in quite a while.

    1. Jo, that does sound lovely! And that kind of weather is just around the corner. That's a perfect just because!! =]

  3. I'm commenting just because. I love your pictures! Would like to visit that happy place.

    1. LoL, Janet. I like your just because!! Thank you!!

      Doesn't that happy place look like one of the best?! The surf was wild that day--so noisy, but I still think those ladies were smart. A day with friends, under a palm tree, watching the surf. WONDERFUL!! =]

  4. Patty, we need to go on vacation together. I like to walk the beach, or watch people. Don't put me in the sun for the purpose of sweating to look like a lobster--tan in not in my dictionary. :)

    Just because...the above vacation!
    Just because...smiling at your post!
    Just because you're such a sweet woman of God.


    1. Aw, thanks, Ginger. =] Doesn't walking the beach sound wonderful? =]

  5. Today we took our little kid table and chairs, a doily my grandmother made years ago, and the tea set I had when I was a kid out to the pasture and set it all up for our granddaughters JUST BECAUSE I felt like it. And because we'd hired a photographer for family pix, and I'm hoping the tea party ones turn out as well as it looked like. JUST BECAUSE I love my little girls and their parents and want to store the memories.

    1. Valerie, what a terrific just because! Sure hope those pictures turn out wonderful. What a special memory!


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