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Sometimes I just need a reminder of what's truly important in my life--a clarification of things I need to invest in. For me that's what today is all about...a reminder to
invest in the important.

These colorful peppers came from this summer's garden and remind me of all I learned this summer and my home. Investing in my home, and all those in it is extremely important. Without them life would be colorless.

Although this picture is only from around Mother's Day of this year, it's already out of date. My son on the far left is now taller than my two girls (much to their disgust) and my youngest is also considerably taller too. Lots of growing this last summer. My children are a huge investment. One I treasure.

LoL, and where would I be without my wonderful hubs?Our marriage has already had a great return on investment. It's another very important factor in my life.

Not only am I investing in those things...those lives, but this fall I'm investing a boat-load of time and energy in Toby, my "baby." It's been an interesting experience, and it will continue to be!! He's an investment for the future.

Tomorrow starts a special time of year for me, and I'll tell you about it tomorrow, but investing in a couple of my favorite things is on the docket. Things like taking my camera out more. When I have a camera in hand I tend to slow down and notice things and savor them instead of whizzing by and missing everything. I'm finding that intentionally slowing down is important.

There's something about palm trees and silhouettes that call me to my Bible and to introspection-- both of which are on the list for the upcoming days. Investing in spiritual growth has been on my mind a lot recently.

So tell me, what are some important things you invest in?

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful as always, Patti! Thanks for reminding me to pause and ponder. I'm with you--my faith, family, friends, home, and ministry in whatever community God places me in are the most significant investments for me.

  2. Love the pictures - and thanks, my dear, for the reminder.

  3. That picture of you and your hubby is absolutely precious!
    Love the reminder that life is an investment... sometimes the day-to-day investing seems pointless, mundane, redundant, etc., but when we see with the eyes of faith, we realize that how things seem is not how they are!

  4. Great photos! Those peppers are impressive. And I miss the kids...they just keep growing. Thanks for the reminder on investment and for doing the a2z!


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