A Worthwhile Exchange

Today is supposed to be a post on James 3:1-12 but it's not happening and I'm okay with that. See, I made an exchange...

For my parent's 35th wedding anniversary, my sister made an awesome album chronicling their lives and we had letters from their close friends over the years, with their pictures. Very special letters from special friends. The albums have been missing for several years. They weren't at my parent's house in Arizona, they weren't at either of my sisters' homes and we couldn't find them here either.

These albums are very special to Mom and Dad and it's been bothering them that they couldn't be found. Really bothering them. So when Mom asked if I would check my shed, inside their dresser drawers, I went as soon as I could find enough time to take on the shed.

Today. (meaning Thursday)

The albums weren't in the drawers but I didn't stop there. I searched through everything they still have in the shed and finally found them.

In the last chest.
At the bottom of the stack.

I was looking for one white album but found three. None of them white, LoL, but very much the album(s) we've searched for many, many times, in three states.

God is so good.

Dad's battle against the bone cancer is...well, it's not pretty. It's so hard. As I write this, he's in ICU with a new filter in his abdomen to catch the blood clots in his lungs. They weren't able to get all of the clot in his leg.

I don't know what's around this corner, but I do know the ending: Dad wins. He gets to go to Heaven. He'll be running and leaping and praising God.

So, I made an exchange today--the anniversary albums for a James post.

It was the right decision.


  1. So sorry to hear you are going through so much Patty. But you are right, for a moment like that, I would have done the exchange as well. Praying things get better and I'm glad you got found the album for them. Praise God. HUGS!

  2. The James Post will still be there later, but your parents won't always be around. I'm glad you found some albums and I pray your family was comforted

    1. Thanks so much, Barb. They'll really enjoy looking through the albums. Cheryl did an excellent job on them!! =]

  3. You KNOW I'm praying. Hang in there, sweetie - and YES, you made the right decision. LOVE you.

    1. Thanks for all your prayers, Jo. God is so good....

  4. I'm sorry you're going through that with your parents, Patty. I've been down the parent with cancer road...it's not fun. But you did a good thing with your exchange. And God knows your heart. Hang in there! <3

    1. Shelley, I keep thinking of you--I have buckets of green tomatoes!

      There were some rough patches for Dad the past few days but he's doing better now. =]


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