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Welcome to the inauguration of From A 2 Z 4 u & me. I'm so excited about this because I've been in a blogging rut and needed help! If you're interested in joining the fun, read more about the a2z meme here.

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Since this is our first week, our letter is A... if you haven't guessed that already. ;-)

And as lame as it is, my word for the week is... are you ready for it? Animals. See, I told you. But hey, climbing out of a rut as deep as the one I've been in isn't easy! LoL. At least that's my excuse. That, and I love (some of) the animals that have crossed my path just this calendar year. Meet Tippy, a kitten from our latest batch.

Another new addition this year is Puppers. Yah, yah, another real original name, but she was only supposed to be temporary, but she was too loveable and by time her permanent status was official, her temporary name was stuck tight.

Hey, did I ever tell you about the calf we raised for the freezer (OUR freezer)? We named it Beef Steak. Kinda hard to get all cuddly and clingy to a cow named Beef Steak, don'cha think?!

FlufferNut is from our last batch of kittens. Her name is because she's... are you ready for it? ...a nut and fluffy. *eye roll* I'm only being serious. It's another temporary name that stuck. hehe.

Last Saturday morning my boys came running inside, carrying a chipmunk. This is NOT a usual occurrence in my house, even though I have 3 boys and we live in the country. Our tom cat had this poor critter and was getting ready for breakfast when he dropped it. The terrified chipmunk ran for the nearest cover, which happened to be youngest son's pant-leg. It climbed fast and high! I only wish I could've seen it! LoL.

Alas, the poor thing spent the day confined to quarters in the hermit crab tank. It enjoyed the tidbits we fed it.

My aquarium has brought me much pleasure through winter's long months. I added some yoyo loaches and they're great fun to watch. And so was Turtle here, until he decided to trim the plant he once lounged on. When he finished eating the plan,t he decided fish weren't friends. They were food. Baaaad Turtle! Now he's in the solitary confinement of an old pickle jar and is no longer a happy turtle. Poor Turtle. (or not)

With all the rain we had this Spring, the crawdads were abundant, and happy. But not this one. Something found him before my boys did and what you see here is all there was of him. The boys had to show me. It was impaled on a stick but I decided to spare you that part. Oh the joys of country living. With boys. *eye roll*

Last fall the boys brought in a cocoon. We set it on the mantle (isn't that where you'd put it?) and all winter we could hear something scritching around in there. Well, one morning my youngest son here noticed we had a new addition: Luna Moth.

What's that? You mean you haven't ever had a Luna Moth hanging from your mantle? Too bad. It was really interesting to watch his wings unfurl.

Last weekend was... eventful at our house. The mama cat drug home a bullfrog for her kittens (yes, for adorable Tippy up there). The only problem was that Abby, my older daughter, got it before the kittens did. And she's going into nursing. That poor bullfrog. I spared you by picking one of the first pictures of her science experiment. Let's just say she spent a couple hours disecting the thing and it looked nothing like this when she was done with it. Have I mentioned that we home school?

Wowzers! I set out to show you a pic or two of the animals in and around my door, and look what happened! sheesh. I never realized how inundated my life is with them!

And now, before any more animals enter, we'll wave good bye to the letter A. From Bonnie the bunny (played by my disecting dauther, Abby) and Turtle, before being banished to the pickle jar, adieu.

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  1. First! I guess there's some benefit to insomnia! :-) I loved the look at the animals, Patty. Your pets are cute and including the "extended family" was especially creative! :-) I also appreciate the meme idea. My blog will be the better for it. Thanks!

  2. What a zoo! It looks like fun.

  3. Oh sweeetie - I can TELL why you had so much fun putting this together! My husband would HAVE A HEART ATTACK if all those animals were around here. Loved meeting all these folks! Thanks - for the post AND the fun meme!

  4. What a fun post! Loved the animal shots. Missing having so many we're down to 2 and all 3 boys have left home.

    Not sure how to put the linky on my page.

  5. Great meeting your furry family members!
    I never even thought of the word "animals" of course, don't think I could have come up with the variety of tales mixed in. Wonderful post! Thanks for getting us back to blogging! Love you!

  6. LoL--these are only the ones since january! I really wanted to post a pic of the salamander that escaped, and was never seen again (in my house!!!) and the praying mantises and stick bugs and tree frog and... hehe.

    Thanks for stopping by! It's been so fun visiting you guys and seeing and hearing about your A's! LOVE it! =] =]

  7. Oh the similarities between your country house full of homeschooling kids and mine, and all the critters. What a fun post, Patty!

  8. Ahhhh, the pet pics were so cute. Um, 'cept for the dissection bit. I'll show that one to my youngest son... he'll LOVE it :)

    Fun way to start the meme, Peejers!

  9. Brilliant post! Loved the animal pics.

  10. I cannot post comments on Shelley's and Di's posts. I have Google ID available to the others, but it keeps circulating me back to sign-in/word verification. Frustrating! Sorry guys. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

  11. Awww, you brought back fun memories from when I was a kid. My oldest sister was the neighborhood "vet" and whatever my family didn't find in the way of critters, someone else in the neighborhood was sure to bring us, especially if it was injured.

    Then, too, we had this adorably odd cat who used to bring us live baby mice and live birds and things like that. Guilty conscious or something, I guess....

    Thanks for starting this meme! I just posted mine. :-) Should I put the linky tool thing on my blog, too, and if so, how?

  12. HA! I love the name Beef Steak! So I suppose he finally made it to the freezer?

    Loved all of the pet pictures. What my son wouldn't do for just one of those critters! We don't have any pets except the dust bunnies. ;)

  13. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Very enjoyable! Thanks!


  14. Is it just me, or did you add more pictures and info about the frog later? I don't remember that part... maybe I just got interruped in the middle of reading. Weird.

  15. Loved the ANIMALS for A. I am joining in thanks to Sparrow. I needed something to get me back into my blog and God nudged me when I read yours and your gracious invitation.

  16. I'm joining in, my blog is pretty dry too.
    I loved all the photos of animals and their names. I just adore kittens! We've got quite a few animals here too, including a bull-frog named Warts.


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