meet Margaret Daley the Barn Door today and tomorrow. She's an incredible lady who wows me with all she does. Her books are favorites here at my house. Be sure to go to the Barn Door to meet her and enter the book giveaway.

ALSO, don't forget, there's two book giveaways still current here at Patterings...
Spotlight with Paul Baines
Interview with Paul Baines
Spotlight with Alice Arenz
Interview with Alice Arenz

It's hard to believe it's November already. After a week or two of cold, we're in a warm week and let me tell ya, it's WONderful! It's warm enough that we're going to wash the van today, one last time, so we can get some pictures and list it in the paper. A bittersweet thing since it closes a chapter in our lives. It's good but sobering at the same time. I'm on the verge of buying a huge wall calendar for the family simply to keep track of who and where.

Since Esther is the one who posts the author spotlights for me (both here and at the the Barn Door now) here's a picture of her with one of her birthday presents last week: a NaNo t-shirt. She has her first book: last year's NaNo project and she's writing furiously this month, too, working on book 2. =] Esther is my younger daughter, number 3 in my line-up of kids. She'll also be getting her permit next month, but until then, I'm enjoying the driving and think time I've been getting. Trust me, I no longer take that time for granted. LoL

Happy Tuesday! Friday's coming! ;-)


  1. Cool shirt - and a beautiful daughter :)

  2. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Like the shirt! Hi Esther!!


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