Ebenezer Season

hehe. It's not what you think.

As a little girl I remember going to the family camp and seeing all the rocks my grandmother had on the window sills there and I eventually started my own collection. Some of my rocks I've had since 1985 or 86 when my dad brought 6 jungle river pebbles home to me (they're in the dish in the picture here.) But there's a reason why I collect rocks as well as a few other little knickknacks--and it's not because I like to dust, because I don't! LoL. You can find out why here.

As I played taxi this morning I got caught in a skunk parade! And I came out smelling like a rose. *grin* Okay, maybe not quite like a rose, but I sure didn't stink of skunk. I'll tell you about sometime, along with what I learned.

Happy Tuesday!

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