Boys, boys, boys

We knew going in we would not only enjoy ourselves, but that we'd be blessed. And we were--above and beyond what we thought. Far above. Recently we were a host home for some of the Watoto children from Uganda and although we only got to spend a few hours with them, we fell in love fast! Here's our boys and their caretaker, Uncle Nicholas.

In the morning the boys were anxious to go outside and play. They loved being able to run around for awhile and they didn't mind substituting a volleyball for a soccer ball. They ran circles around my boys! =]

The little time we spent inside was full of legos, blocks, airplanes and kittens.

The youngest of the boys and and Alex teamed up. I don't know who had more fun, but they sure made a towering giant.

Although Bruce wasn't at our house, he connected with my middle son. I have a feeling the impact of that friendship will be felt for quite awhile. He was missed immediately.

These boys immediately became our boys and it was hard to let them go and wave goodbye. If you ever have a chance to hear a Watoto Childrens' Choir, GO! And if you can, host a few of them in your home. It will be a breath of fresh air and it just might change your life.

So tell me, what's been the highlight of your week?


  1. Their joy shows right on their faces - and your "real" kids' does too! Awesome.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the bright spot in my day! Love the smiles!! I praise God for His abundant joy!!

  3. Oh, so much fun! It's always good to enrich our lives by having others in our home. Your kids will definitely remember this time, and the country of Uganda will be more familiar with them now.


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