Book Giveaway Winners!

Now that October is over, I'm finally getting caught up and we have some winners!
Some of these are review, but I'm posting ALL of them for the fun of it! =]

Merry = A Memory Between us by Sarah Sundin
Anne Payne = Making Waves by Lorna Seilstad
Carole = The Perfect Blend by Trish Perry
Sunny = Letters in the Attic by DeAnna Dodson
Joanne = Love Finds You in Golden, NM by Lena Nelson Dooley
karen k = Facelift by Leanna Ellis
CarolNWong = Just for the Moment by Deanna Klingel
Apple Blossom = First Love by Michelle Sutton

From now on, the author spotlights and interviews will be posted at The Barn Door, a midwest group blog that I'm excited to be a part of. We're opening the doors at the Barn Door on Monday and I hope you join us there.

There are still two book giveaways going on here at Patterings:
spotlight with Alice Arenz
interview with Alice Arenz
spotlight with Paul Baines
interview with Paul Baines


  1. Ooooh - is that Joanne, as in ME?? Sooo cool. SO wanted to win that one when I participated in clash of the titles - and now I DID! :) Woo.

  2. =] Yes, that's YOU, Joanne!


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