A Writer's Meme

This meme started at the FaithWriters' blog and made it's way to Joanne's blog (where I found it, LoL) - and it looked way too fun to pass and I needed a fun breather!

OK…here’s how this works.
1. Copy and paste the following to the comments and replace my answers with your own.
2. If you have a blog, copy and paste these questions and your answers to your blog.
3. Challenge your readers to do the same on their blog.
If you don’t have a blog, skip #’s 2 & 3!
All of this week’s questions have to do with writing (hence, the title of this post: A Writer’s Meme)
Here are your questions (and my answers)

What’s your favorite genre of writing? Romance!! ::sigh::

How often do you get writer’s block? Occasionally.

How do you fix it? Banging my head on the wall usually does something...what, I won't say.

Do you type or write by hand? Type! I think I forgot how to write by hand, unless I'm taking notes in church.

Do you save everything you write? Yuppers.

Do you ever go back to an old idea long after you abandoned it? Sure.

Do you have a constructive critic? Joanne is the other half of my brain. She's a lifesaver!

Did you ever write a novel? Yes.

What genre would you love to write but haven’t? Ummmmm. Dunno. I love contemporary and historical romances and write in both genres.

What’s one genre you have never written, and probably never will? Horror!! ::shiver:: Nothing fluffy about that genre!

How many writing projects are you working on right now? Well, le'see... Do devotionals count? How about articles? No? Okay. Hmmmm. I have 3 novels in progress (1 just needs 2-3 small misc. scenes to be done, my historical missionary romance is 1/3 done, and a different historical is just started but is on the back burner as my pet play project) AND I'm about to do character sketches for the next two novels in the series that goes with the project that's basically done. =] CanNOT wait!! =]

Do you write for a living? As in for real money? Not hardly. BUT I have made some money to support my writing habit. I'm just thrilled to have my habit support itself for a change! LoL Do you want to? Of course.

Have you ever written something for a magazine or newspaper? Do online magazines count? If so, I've have articles in both JournEzine and Exemplify Magazine (my absolute fave online mag!!).

Have you ever won an award for your writing? Yup, at Faithwriters.

Do you ever write based on your dreams? Er, no.

Do you favor happy endings, sad endings, or cliff-hangers? Happy endings all the way. I get really disgusted when a book or story doesn't have a happy ending and I won't read it if I know it doesn't. I know, it's pathetic, but hey, I get enough reality in life! So yeah, I write happy endings, too.

And now it's YOUR turn! Respond below, put your answers on your blog, or both. Enjoy.


  1. Oooh - I shoulda put horror as one I don't want to write. Won't go back and fix it - but WILL keep it in the back of my mind :D

    Fun stuff!

  2. I agree with you and Joanne -- should have put Horror as one I would probably never write.
    This is fun! Hugs, Rita


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