Online Bible Study?

I love Tuesday nights. They've become special to me this summer because it's Bible study night with some of the church ladies here. I hafta tell ya, I didn't know how much I was missing out on before we started studying together. Not only have I learned a lot as we've studied Joshua, Judges and Ruth, but the fellowship has been fantastic.

This week is one of the few Tuesday nights of the summer that I'm home because we decided to take a week off since some of us (hehe, like me!) were gone for a long weekend. Earlier this month I was moaning to myself over the thought of Bible study coming to an end. I've loved this particular study and the ladies, and I've loved studying, being in God's Word. Although I planned on continuing on my own, I really wanted some kind of accountability and fellowship as I studied and I was afraid the church girls wouldn't be ready to tackle another study so I toyed with the idea of an online Bible study group but quickly put the thought from my mind. Well, not even two weeks after thinking about that, one of my friends FB'd me asking about an online Bible study and the church girls want to keep studying together! Soooo, I'll combine the two and do both. :D :D

I'd LOVE to do an online Bible study
with any ladies interested.

Here's the deal. We can do the daily portion of the study on our own, just like we'd do in a regular Bible study and then I'll post on Fridays, here at Patterings, for our weekly meeting. If people are interested, we can set up a group so we can get some fellowship in, otherwise we can just “meet” and interact here in the comments. Bible study, fellowship, and prayer support is something all of us need, but attending a local Bible study isn't always an option. Maybe an online gathering would work for you!

It's not decided what we'll study yet and I'd love your input.

I love Kay Arthur's inductive studies, but I think it might be time for a Beth Moore study. (Here's a handy chart of Beth Moore's studies.) Are there any that catch your attention? Any that you'd like to do? Recommendations?

Our start date will be sometime in September, and next Tuesday night we'll be deciding which study to do. I really would like your input to help us decide. Next week I'll post the details of which study, links, and the date we'll start.

So tell me, is this something you'd be interested in participating in?


  1. Linda7:56 PM

    How about the book of Colossians? Or Ephesians?

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  2. I'm reading those books right now, Linda, in my cover-to-cover read thru of the Bible. =] SO good!! I just checked and Kay Arthur has "That I may Know Him" on Phil/Col and "Freedom From Bondage God's Way" on Gal/Eph. =]

  3. YES! I've not done a full Beth Moore study yet, but have been anxious to. My Worship Minister keeps recommending a study for me, but of course I can't remember what it is. I'll ask him and get back to you.

  4. Oh good! That'd be great, Cat! I'm anxious to hear! =]

  5. It's "Experiencing God" by Henry Blackaby. (gotta love instant communication on FB)

    Here's a link to the "resource" page;

    He always says it would be good for ME, and since we're all so much alike and all....


  6. I like Beth Moore!

    Check out my blog:


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