Ugly Crops

Some of the fields we drove past today were oh-so ready for harvesting and I noticed a few things about them.

They're UGLY!

Scraggly, scrawny stalks with their ears hanging down.

But those ears would be a thing of beauty to a farmer. They were fat and plentiful. And that, my friends, is the purpose of planting field corn, or any kind of field for that matter. The harvest is the important thing, not the beauty or location of the field, or anything else. It's all about the crop.

We can learn from those ugly fields.

In our spiritual lives, our beauty isn't important. Sometimes it's seemingly the ugliest ones that have the biggest harvests. Have you ever noticed that? They're more concerned about having a bountiful crop for their Farmer than they are about being beautiful to those driving past them.

Our culture today is all about beauty and location and position, but we have it all wrong. It's just hard to remember sometimes when it's all around us. I'm tempted to glean an ugly stalk of corn after the harvesters have gone through and bring it home for my deck post, just to remind me that the harvest is important, not the beauty.
Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest. ~Matthew 9:38

Did you see whose harvest it is? It's not ours! It's God's harvest.

So tell me, how's your crop looking?


  1. Oh Patty, did you drive by our field and not stop in to have a cup of tea with me?? *Grin*... we are in drought mode...the country side is so sad...
    Loved the analogy...and love you!

  2. Super analogy - not feeling so beautiful - but my harvest may just be okay ;)

  3. Thanks for this very hopeful message:)

  4. Carrie @

    Hi, Patty! I found your blog by your latest post. I was reminded of "you shall know them by their fruit" and how our spiritual crops are a product of what is in our heart. Great job. Keep up the good work :)

  5. Amen; the beauty inside is all that matters!

  6. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I was pleasantly surprised when I saw your lovely smile on my blog (at least I thought I had a blog page until I saw yours - wanna trade?)
    Will my page EVER come close to THIS??? Beautiful!
    God Bless you, Patty. I appreciate your leadership and am looking forward to a developing friendship.
    God Bless


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