Time Flies

Time sure does fly sometimes! Last week was a blur of running kids back and forth to the last throes of summer flings (aka youth activities at church, LoL) and preparing for the Faithwriters conference. This year I gEt to teach a session on blogging called The Benefits and Basics of Blogging. (That capital e in there is not a typo. I really and truly gEt to teach this class. It's not a gOt to do item!) Lemme tell ya, I am sooo excited about this! So much so that I haven't gotten nervous yet, which is really something! ;-)

Many of you know that blogging is something I love and there's good reason for it. So much of my personal growth and my writing growth has come about through blogging. It's caused me to dig deep and search and reach out to God, and the blessings have been tremendous! Personal blessings and writing blessings. God continually amazes me!

At the end of January, after participating in a course through the ACFW course loop with Janice Thompson, I saw that I could use my love for blogging and all I've learned about blogs, to help others. It has been so much fun! It's one of those unexpected blessings in life. The ebook from the online class I teach is now done and as I've prepared slides for the blog class I get to teach on August 14, I've decided to add some more to the ebook, using those slides. Now the race is on to add them to the ebook in time for the conference. Thankfully I work best with a deadline in sight. LoL. (When it's done, I'll make it available both here and at Clearing the Blog Fog.)

I have ten days to tie up a lot of loose ends, including my pitch of my manuscript. This is something I thought I'd get out of doing, but God really impressed on me that I need to do this at the conference. So, I've been working on that too. That means that although I've been spending hours and hours here at the computer, I've been working and not been hanging out or blogging. Hopefully, as I tie up these loose ends I'll be able to jump back into blogging (I miss it!!) but until then, I might not be around much.

This week for Bible study we studied Samson's life. I hafta tell ya, there's so much more to Samson than just a muscle man with a weakness for women. It's made me stop and wonder what my Delilah is, and it's made me look to see if I'm controlling my desires or if they're controlling me. I don't want to be a Samson. I want to live victoriously and do what God has equipped me to do and enabled me to do. I want to live up to the potential God gave me.

What about you? What's your Delilah?


  1. (((Patty))) I love the update about all you have going on! Thrilling!

    Me too --" I want to live victoriously and do what God has equipped me to do and enabled me to do. I want to live up to the potential God gave me."

    Love, Rita

  2. I know you'll do a great job, Peej! You've taught all of us so much along your learning journey. You're an awesome teacher. Will miss you at the conference but will be praying for you, for sure!

  3. That's my busy girliefriend! :D Definitely praying you through these ten days (LOL and me too).

    What's my Delilah? Yikes! What a thought. I'll get back to ya on that ;)


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