Tuesday, Tuesday

Well, it's Tuesday, which is usually an author spotlight...but since I was so buried in my projects last week, I failed to check my files so I failed to see I hadn't heard back from this week's author. But that's okay! If it works out, I'll just post the spotlight later this week. =] Until then, I'm leaving open last week's spotlight. If you haven't left a comment to be entered in the book drawing, you can still do that!

Here's an interview with Louise M. Gouge and
here's about Louise and her new release The Captain's Lady.
Leave a comment on each of those posts to have your name thrown in the hat twice for the book drawing. =]

My husband had me load a cool program on my computer yesterday so now I can record in mp3 format. I've resisted this program for months because I do NOT like talking on the telephone (ask my mom and sisters, they'll tell you it's true!) but I gave in yesterday for one reason: I need to. Ha! Isn't that profound? Sooooo, maybe someday soon I'll upload a short mp3. Maybe. =] (But this does NOT mean I have to start liking the telephone!) LoL I've got to draw the line somewhere!

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  1. I completely understand your "reluctance" (aka aversion) to talking on the phone. I would do everything via email if given the option. You wouldn't think I've been a receptionist/secretary for 20 years would you? :-)


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