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Yesterday I finished two major projects I HAD to do this week: finish our Christmas shopping and finish the preliminary edits for my husband's book about gender dynamics. Actually, I've been working on those edits since March, so this has been a major project, especially considering that I'm not an editor (which is why I did only the preliminary edits!) and the material wasn't something I would normally have an interest in. But I do have a great interest in my husband and I've heard much about gender dynamics since I'm one of his sounding boards. =) What a learning experience this year has been! Now that project is off my plate. Kind of. LoL

In the cracks of time (it's amazing how much you can read in 5-10 minute segments!) I've been reading and researching for my new project, the one God gave me on my birthday. I've read Through Gates of Splendor, These Strange Ashes, and No Graven Image, all by Elisabeth Elliot and all about Ecuador. I love reading missionary stories and I love reading about Ecuador—the people and the country itself.

The next books on my list are Jungle Pilot (about Nate Saint's life) and End of the Spear (written by Steve Saint, Nate's son). I have to tell ya, I'm having a very hard time making myself do the things I need to—things like correct the kids' school work, plan (and help cook) the meals, fold the mountain of laundry, sweep and vacuum. You know, the usual things I need to do to keep our household running smoothly, or at least running. LoL All I want to do is dive into End of the Spear. I know that's reading the books out of order, but it's a library book I had to order from a different library and I want to make sure it's read by the time it's due. Thankfully, I own Jungle Pilot, thanks to the generosity of Missionary Aviation Fellowship.

Speaking of MAF, I really, really, want to write a book (a novel LoL) about an MAF pilot. Last month, as I read a bit about Nate Saint (in Through Gates of Splendor and flipping throuugh Jungle Pilot) and then did some research online, I had to pry myself away and refocus on the storylines I have. Those stories have to take place before or during World War II to fit in the parameters of the publisher I'm aiming for, and MAF wasn't started until just after the war, by veterans. Men who saw a need, saw they could fill it with the skills God had given them, and they obeyed God's call. Their obedience to God and the vision He gave them changed the landscape of missions. My brain goes into a frenzy when I start thinking of possible storylines with MAF pilots and someday I'd love to follow that...

This is the second or third week that I've done NO writing. This week I've not been on the computer much, except to edit for Jim. I'm backlogged and feeling a bit panicky about not writing and all the things I need to do (my writing to-do list, not even considering my daily living to-do list!!). I've let Adding Zest sit idle because those articles take a huge amount of time and energy to write, time and energy I just haven't had. I've also let this place sit idle except for the author spotlights. But yanno, that's okay. =)

Just wanted to give you an unimportant update of what's been going on. Next year (LoL it's just a couple weeks away!) I'll get back to my normal routine around here with devotionals, not just author spotlights.

If you haven't seen them yet, there's two book giveaways going on this week:
Margaret Daley with Christmas Peril, and Amber Stockton with the winner's choice of book. Both book drawings close late tomorrow night, so if you haven't entered, you still have time!

Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Oh Peej...I love the story about the Saint family. I have used their story in several messages when I spoke at camps, etc. And also in my years of Missionettes teaching.


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