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Last night we left the kids home alone and went to our Sunday School class Christmas party and had a great time! I haven't had that much fun since August. These last couple of weeks have been...well, they've been. I didn't realize just how much I needed to relax and laugh until after the fact. We're so blessed with an awesome Sunday School class! There's a wide variety of people and all of them love to laugh.

I was tired enough that I actually told my friend Deb that she could afford to lose some weight! We were chowing down on some major desserts (they were so good!) and I meant to say she could afford to gain some weight, but totally mangled it. (Sorry, Deb!) I'm so glad she has a great sense of humor and almost laughed herself my expense! That was just one of my wacky blunders.

Each year our class does an ornament exchange and lemme tell ya, it's serious business! You don't know what you'll end up with until it's all over because those ladies are ruthless in their stealing! I brought a snowman ornament from a Christmas store in Berlin, Ohio that I absolutely loved. I planned on stealing it and bringing it back home...but by the time my turn came, it had been stolen three times already and was no longer an option. So I stole from Deb. Yup, the same one I told could lose some weight!

Of course, it was stolen from me and I opened the last gift under the tree...a snowman with a red bird sitting on his hand. It was cute, but it wasn't that flamingo. BUT! Mechelle, who stole my flamingo, decorates her Christmas tree with red birds and a snowman with a red bird was just too good for her to pass up, so she traded with me after everything was done! Thank you, Mechelle!! So I brought home my adorable pink flamingo! I. am. so. happy! =)

Oh, and this is one of those ornaments that you'll see year round at my house now. It just makes me smile.

So tell me, what makes you smile?


  1. LOVE the ornament, and SO glad you had a wonderful time.

  2. *smile* It's cute! I have an ornament of a mouse peeking out of a chewed apple that I keep on my kitchen windowsill all year. It makes me smile.

  3. Awww, he's a cute little flamingo, Peej! And to answer your question: YOU make me smile! Merry Christmas!


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