Busy Weekend!

Last week was...busy. Really busy. We had our Christmas musical at church and that goes on for three nights, plus dress rehearsal. This year only my husband sang, and my oldest son was a shepherd, but all of us were there every night. I was able to lend a hand with shuffling kids and making sure the shepherds were ready, but other than that I sat and enjoyed the program. It was wonderful!! But late nights add up to one very tired family and one very mushy brain, unable to focus on more than surviving.

One perk of this year's program was seeing my husband in a tux--for the first time in 20 years. LoL So we took advantage of the situation and took some pictures. This one is my favorite, taken in front of the stained glass windows that line the church sanctuary. In the sunlight they're a kaleidoscope of color.

Today I'm planning on pulling things together here at home and trying to get my brain back in gear. This week isn't 'normal' either, so there's not guarantee I'll succeed. LoL

Last week Margaret Brownley was with us and Shirley of Sunny Glade has won Margaret's book A Lady Like Sarah. We still a giveaway open with Amber Stockton, so if you haven't entered, be sure to!

I hope you're able to enjoy this Christmas season and soak in the magnitude of what Christmas really is!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. This is so fun, love these pics! Sounds like you are making wonderful, worthwhile memories, dear Peej. Also, I love your new blog header! GREAT job!


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