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What a weekend full of work it was for me! In the midst of all the transferring and finding things, I neglected to post last week's winners! But I have them for you today! =)

The winner of Janice Thompson's book The House is Quiet, Now What? is DeeQ who will someday soon have a very quiet house. And the winner of Tracy Ruckman's Christmas Miracles is Deborah M. Congratulations ladies! Don't forget we have TWO book drawings this week. One with Shirley Kiger Connolly and the other with Roseanna White, who's in today's author spotlight.


Roseanna M. White is a wife, mommy, writer, reviewer, and lover of all things literature-related. She makes her home in the mountains of Maryland, where she runs the Christian Review of Books. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, HisWriters, and HEWN Marketing.

You can visit Roseanna online at her website and on her blog.

A Stray Drop of Blood
Beautiful is a dangerous thing to be when one is unprotected.

For seven years, Abigail has been a slave in the Visibullis house. With a Hebrew mistress and a Roman master, she has always been more family than servant . . . until their son returns to Jerusalem after his years in Rome. Within a few months Jason has taken her to his bed and turned her world upside down. Maybe, given time, she can come to love him as he says he loves her. But how does she open her heart to the man who ruined her?

Israel's unrest finds a home in her bosom, but their rebellion tears apart her world. Death descends with Barabbas's sword, and Abigail is determined to be there when the criminal is punished. But when she ventures to the trial, Barabbas is not the one the crowd calls to crucify. Instead, it is the teacher her master and Jason had begun to follow, the man from Nazareth that some call the Son of God . . .

Born free, made a slave, married out of her bonds, Abigail never knows freedom until she feels the fire of a stray drop of blood from a Jewish carpenter. Disowned by Israel, despised by Rome, desired by all, she never knows love until she receives the smile of a stoic Roman noble.

Here's an excerpt of A Stray Drop of Blood:

He was close now, only a step away, and Abigail had a horrible fear that he would look at her. Quite suddenly, that thought struck her as unbearable. She knew, knew with every portion of her being, that if he looked at her, he would see her in her completeness. He would see how black her soul had become with sin and hatred and bitterness. He would see all she had done and thought to do and wished herself capable of. He would see that though she wished him spared, it was only so that another could die in his place.

Something within her drew back the closer he got, pulled at her until she wanted to turn and flee to escape his approaching presence. But Jairus was still at her side, gazing silently now at the man before him.

Jesus stumbled on a rock and would have fallen if it had not been for the centurion holding him up. All of her focus, all of her concentration was on the man who was falling toward his knees. Then an arm caught him, and he jerked against gravity. Jesus’s head flew back, his eyes turning to heaven and his mouth opening as if to speak.

The action broke open one of his wounds, and his crimson life dripped onto the ground. He was pulled to his feet, and his head was once again jarred. A stray drop of blood arched through the air and landed on the round of Abigail’s stomach.

Immediately, she felt a burning on the flesh beneath her garment. It was so quick, so debilitating that she could not even respond. A fire spread through her, devouring her, leaving in its wake a relief that brought tears to her eyes. She looked down at the stain on her clothes in disbelief. It was so small, so insignificant. One little drop of red, a perfect starburst against the faded blue of her woolen tunic.

One little drop to soil her garment.

One little drop to cleanse her soul.

There is also a Companion Guide with all the behind-the-scenes research and interesting factoids that went into the book. =)

You can purchase A Stray Drop of Blood from Amazon:

Roseanna is giving away a copy of A Stray Drop of Blood. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment and check back on Sunday, December 6th to see if you've won. You can enter twice--once on each post in this spotlight. If you want to guarantee that you're notified if you win, then leave your email address in the comment, otherwise, you can just check back and email me through the button in my sidebar.
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Don't forget to enter the drawing for the book that was in the spotlight yesterday by Shirley Kiger Connolly. We'll see you tomorrow for an interview with Roseanna.


  1. So glad to be here, Patty! Thanks for having me and STRAY DROP.

  2. Hi Roseanna! It's wonderful having you! I thought of you a lot yesterday when I ended up babysitting a 1 yr. old for a little bit. I forgot what it's like having a toddler in the house! LoL

  3. Great blog, Patty. I love the colors of Spring on this Dec. morning.

    Roseanne, thanks for the invite. Your book sounds amazing. What a storyline. I hope it blesses many, and I look forward to reading it!

  4. Wow! Rosanna, A Stray Drop of Blood sounds fantastic. God bless it with many readers and even more fans.
    And what a cheerful blog header and motif, Patty. I feel renewed just having visited! : )

  5. Anonymous12:56 PM

    I would LOVE to read this book...thanks for the opportunity.


  6. Hello! Roseanna this book sounds so good! I would LOVE to read this book! You have such a way with words! hope I get the book... :)

  7. Aww, you guys just made my day! =)

  8. Just thought I'd IS a great book! I had the privilege of reading an advance copy. It would sure make a great Christmas gift for any readers you may know.

  9. great interview


  10. Roseanna's book sounds very good and different from what I usually read. I am very eager to read it and appreciate the chance to win a copy.

    cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

  11. Please enter me in the drawing.

    abster dot rose at yahoo dot com

  12. Please enter me in the drawing.

    abster dot rose at yahoo dot com


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