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Today's a new day for me here at Patterings and my new header is part of it...but first, our winner. Robin Prater is the winner of Jenness Walker's book, Double Take. Congratulations, Robin and thank you, Jenness!

One of the things that I've been mulling over for a few months is my tagline. I know, on the scale of important things in life, a tagline isn't too far up, but still, it's been niggling at the back of my mind. Why? Because I've found that my tagline helps define and direct my my energies and I need all the help there I can get! LoL

For a long time I used 'Dancing through the showers of life.' After all, it's part of of what I write about and is even part of how I approach life. But it just wasn't a good fit, so I was mulling things over, casting around for ideas.

Awhile back I was privileged to be in the blog spotlight in the Exemplify Magazine and in my introduction, Kristen used the words “find the ordinary to be extraordinary.” Since then, those words have been running around in my head while I was still back pedaling. That was a big 'whoa baby!' for me. Finally I emailed one of my near-and-dears, Joanne, and told her what I was thinking and playing with. Five minutes later, after playing with words and wording, she sent me the suggestion of 'Finding the extraordinary God in our ordinary lives.' As soon as I read it, I knew it was a fit. THE fit I'd been searching for. (Thank you, JoDear!!)

I also don't think it's a coincidence that the tagline came together when it did. I'm still in my 40 day birthday celebration and I'm on track with finishing reading the Bible through cover-to-cover by my birthday, just like I decided I wanted to do to help me prepare for this upcoming year. It's been wonderful spending extra time in God's Word...

Since wrapping that tag line around me and keeping it before me, I've enjoyed the direction and focus it's given me. Direction and focus I sorely needed not just in my blogging and writing, but in my daily life too. As strange as it sounds, having that tagline has freed me to soar exactly where I always wanted to. It's been wonderful.

So welcome to Patterings where I enjoy Finding the extraordinary God in our ordinary lives. *sigh* I love it. It fits and it makes me happy, and more importantly, it frees me to fly.

So what about you? Do you have a tagline that fits you? If you do, or if you have one you've been playing with, share it with us! I'd love to hear yours and if having one has helped you find focus.


  1. You're welcome, dear Peejers - and it DOES fit you! SOOO glad God let me help :)

    MY tagline is "Paving rough roads with God's presence" - at the moment. It's a lot of what I write about, but probably isn't perfect yet. Still need to fine-tune it (LOL maybe you can return the favor? hehe)

    And I LOVE your new header, girlie!

  2. This new tagline suits you SO much more! I truly believe that your writing gift is finding the ordinary to be extraordinary.

    : )


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