Empty Your Cup

This weekend we watched The Forbidden Kingdom with Jackie Chan and Jet Li and a couple of lines spoken by Jackie Chan jumped out at me...

“How can you fill your cup if it's already full?
Empty your cup!”

I've been mulling this over for a day or two now and it still makes me stop. Is my cup so full of me and my thoughts and my plans that God cannot, no, will not fill me with Himself and His thoughts and His plans for me?

If I want more of God I need to empty my cup of myself.

He must increase but I must decrease.
~John 3:30

There are 40 days left in this year. How are you doing toward reaching this year's goals? Have you begun thinking about next year yet?

So tell me, how full is your cup? What is it full of?

Oh! And the winner of Vickie McDonough's Wild West Christmas is Terra H. Congratulations, Tera! And thank you for being with us, Vickie!


  1. O Wow! What a thought! I'll have to ponder it too. There's a lot of spiritual meaning in it. Thanks, Peej.

  2. That's really good! Who knew God could use a Jackie Chan movie!

  3. LoL We love Jackie Chan movies--love the martial arts, his skill and his humor. =]

    That phrase REALLY jumped out and grabbed me and gave me SOOOOO much to think about on a spiritual level. It's one I'll remember and think of often. LoL--who'd have thought. But yanno, I've learned alot about my spiritual walk through martial arts.

  4. Forbidden Kingdom was an awesome movie, I loved it! Great analogy too. Jesus cannot fill our heart if it is full of ourselves.

  5. Either we are full of ourselves or we are full of God! An interesting thought indeed!


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