This last weekend I went to the Faithwriters writing conference and I was able to have some face-time with some very dear friends of mine. Here's a special picture of us--we missed you sooo much, La!

From left to right: Sunny, Me, Vonnie, Dee, Laury, Beth.
On floor: Sara, Joanne.

So that's why I'm so very late posting this winner. But I hafta tell ya, I'm excited about the winner! Esther G is the winner of Rick Higginson's book Cardon's Pod. Yay! :) Esther is a friend of mine from Faithwriters--and her family has some fun parallels to mine and she lives in Australia. Someday I'd love to be able to meet you, Esther! So, a Faithwriter has won another Faithwriter's book on the weekend of the Faithwriters conference. How cool is that?! And really, I did not plan that out. My fave random number generator picked Esther's number. :)

This is a picture Joanne took of me and Vonnie shortly after I arrived at the Faithwriters conference. In case you're wondering--that's the real me coming out. Those girls, for some strange reason, bring out this side of me far too often.

Tomorrow we kick off our Back to School Book Bonanza! Over the next 8 weeks we'll be meeting and chatting with 22 different Christian authors about their new releases. Be sure to join us and leave comments to be entered in their book giveaways. Remember, you can enter each giveaway twice now! :) Tell a friend!

Thank you so much, Rick, for being with us last week! It was a special treat having you at Patterings!


  1. Awwww, I love these pictures!!!!!!! You guys are so fun and adorable!!!

  2. Sounds like the conference was a blast!! Hope I can go someday:)

  3. Congratulations, Esther! Drop me an e-mail at with your address, and I'll have your book on its way this week!

  4. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Missed that particular face, but loved the *roll* !

  5. WOOO to Esther! And yes - I LOVE the pix.

  6. The conference was really fun. I'm anxious to see what books you are giving away. Even if I don't win any, it will be fun reading about them and seeing what's out there.


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