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This coming Tuesday, author Cheryl Wyatt will be here for an interview, and she's graciously offered to drop in give away a copy of her new release Ready-Made Family. I love her series of books and I'm excited and honored to have her! Come back and say hi to her, and if you have any questions--feel free to ask.

Today I'm back to Evie and some more of her back-story. Evie and Cyrus the Magnificent are part of the historical that's running around in my head. Hopefully, more than just back-story will be on paper soon. Until then, here's Evie...

Even Evie ~part 2
Evie laid staring at the dark ceiling above her, listening to Emmie's steady, deep breathing. It had taken her twin a long time to fall asleep, making it even harder for Evie to lie still. She wondered if it were past midnight. Would Ralph be waiting for her? Surely he wouldn't think she had chickened out. Would he?

She slipped one foot out from under the covers and shifted over. Easing the blankets toward to center of the bed, Evie rolled to sit on the side of the bed. She held her breath and looked over her shoulder, listening for any change in Emmie's breathing. Still slow and steady. Evie turned and looked at her clothes, carefully laid out and waiting for her. Cat-footing across the chilly floor, she silently folded and gently placed them, and her shoes, in the cloth bag that hung over the back of the chair.

Evie crossed to the window and stood still, listening and looking back at her sister. Unexpectedly, her throated tightened. She had never been away from Emmie. This was the first secret she had kept from her, and it was harder than she thought. Taking a deep breath she turned back to the window and grasped the bottom sash. Smoothly and steadily she lifted, just as she had practiced that afternoon and found to be the quietest way to raise the window.

Half-way up, the window squealed. Evie's head whipped around and she peered through the darkness. Emmie twitched and rolled over. Tucking the blanket under her chin she settled her face into the pillow and sighed. Evie's heart sounded like a rooster flapping his wings, loud and fast. She was surprised Emmie couldn't hear its wild flapping, but Emmie's breathing settled into a sure rhythm.

Evie surveyed the window with dismay. It was only half-way up. Being only half-way would make it considerably harder to climb through and onto the tree branch. What if you fall? She looked back at Emmie. She had always been the cautious one. The one who kept Evie out of trouble—when she could.

Resolutely, Evie set her bag on the floor beneath the window and lifted her leg over the window sill. Her bare foot groped for the branch as she bent double and sat on the sill, half in and half out. She paused there a moment gathering her courage before sliding out and standing on the branch like she had when she was younger. Reaching back in for her bag, she looked at Emmie one last time. Don't think about that now. Ralph is waiting for you. She ignored the little voice that whispered 'You hope.'

Climbing down the tree in the dark was harder than she remembered it being. Of course, the other time she had done it, there had been a full moon and Gideon had been down below waiting for her. After spending the night coon hunting, Pa had caught them. That had been the end to her climbing out the window and down the tree. Until tonight. Her shiver was from more than the cold night air.

On the last branch Evie dropped her bag to the ground before jumping down. She bent down and used her hands to search through the deeper shadows for her bag.

“Is this what you're looking for?”

The quiet voice seemed to boom like spring thunder. Evie staggered back, landing on her backside, changing her screech to a groan. She clutched her throat and sat looking up at the shadowed face that towered over her. be continued.

I'm looking forward to Tuesday! Have a fabulous Friday!
If you missed Sara Mills' story and books, be sure to scroll down. You don't want to miss it...for Sara Mills.


  1. So what will happen next? Can't wait to find out, Peej. (: This is quite a lively character.

  2. can't leave us there!

    Is this written from experience?

  3. ROFL--No, Vonnie, this is NOT from experience! I learned my lesson before ever trying this stunt! Thank goodness!

  4. Oh no! Is it Ralph, waiting like he promised, or is it Father, waiting cuz he suspected...

    Great installment! Your writing reads so naturally, I forget I'm reading.


  5. Alright, you caught me... this is soooooo good. I'm hooked.

    Can't wait for the next installment.


  6. Great suspense build up, Patty! Can't wait to read more.

  7. MORE!! NOW! Do you hear me??? LOl

    Great build-up. Loving these characters.

  8. Hi Patty, it´s been a little while since I could come over and just sit and read. I love to read but my time has been limited.

    There is a blogger friend of mine that has written a book. She is praying to get it published in 2010. There is a publisher looking at it right now. I was wondering if you knew her and if you could pop over and give her some encouragment on her book. She has posted the first three chapters.
    She was a missionary in Uganda and has so many experiances to write about, but her book is purely fiction however set in Uganda.

    Thanks so much, Patty! I love your blog and keep coming back in hopes to have a moment to sit and enjoy!

  9. Best way to end a chapter... leave the reader guessing and hungry for more!


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