Interruptions or 'But God's?

Plans have a way of changing. Have you ever noticed that?

I've been looking forward to this week for awhile. I had great plans of getting caught up on life—yanno, the important things: writing, blogging, visiting my blog friends, writing, getting caught up in the class I took (now that it's done, LoL). But God had other plans.

Why is it that when I see that phrase 'But God' in the Bible I love it, but when I experience it played out in my everyday life it's not quite so thrilling?

What's a 'But God' happening? This week it's been tackling a cleaning job with my girls instead of my plans of school and writing day. And spending an afternoon and evening with my family setting up the staging they built for our church Easter program. Family time working together. Time spent creating memories and having fun while working together. Days of barely touching my computer, let alone doing any writing. Days when 'But God' was allowed to play out in my life.

My attitude is key. If I throw even a silent, internal temper tantrum over these change in plans (interruptions), I lose out on part of the blessing of seeing a 'But God' at work in my life because my bad attitude will squelch the blessing and infect those around me with my ick. Those blessings are priceless, and I would've missed them this week if I had let my bad attitude pop up over the change to my plans.

It's in the everyday events where we have to chose to accept and thrill in the 'But God' happenings.

How has 'But God' played out for you? Do you see His hand in the little things?


  1. Perfectly said, Patty, and something every mom needs to read...everyone for that matter. If we truly deny ourselves, pick up our cross and follow Him, we have NO idea where the road will turn.

    Love it, sweet friend.

  2. Absolutely true, my dear. Interruptions are so often from HIM. Thank you for the reminder, dear friend.


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