TV Time with Toby

Toby loves relaxing with the family in the evenings. Sometimes, he's a bit like a lap dog and just curls up on my lap to sleep. Other times he hops from person to person, playing and visiting, and every now and then he'll actually watch the TV for a few moments. Like here. He liked Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black.  =)

So tell me, do your pets watch TV with you and can you tell what shows they like best?

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Monkey Monday at Patterings


  1. Love that monkey of yours! The guinea pigs aren't Tv watchers - but the cat watches just occasionally - but only when snuggled next to a warm body! :)

    Fun post!

    1. LoL about the guinea pigs, Jo.
      I loved it when Linus sat with me. Nothing like snuggling with a cat. =]


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