Traveling with a Monkey

Toby loves to travel and he's an excellent passenger. His favorite spot is on my lap--lounging, dozing, looking out the window, or picking his toes (hey, that's serious monkey business). If he's not napping, he likes to sit on my shoulder and hang over the back of my seat where he can see out all the windows and keep an eye on his brothers and sisters.

When we're on the road, Toby's favorite times are snack time and going through the drive through windows. He usually greets the cashier person and by the time we reach the pick up window people are running to see if there really is a monkey. =] Not only does he adore the attention but he loves cheeseburgers too. ;-)

Monkey Monday at Patterings

So tell me, how does your pet while traveling?


  1. Would LOVE to see the fast food folks' expressions when they see Toby! Too fun.

    Stellar does NOT like to travel - it probably doesn't help that the only time she DOES travel is when she goes to the vet.

    So VERY glad to see Monkey Mondays back. Made my morning!

    1. It's so fun to see people's response to Toby, Joanne. He brings out a LOT of smiles. Often the drive through pick up window is crowded with faces. It's fun. =] (glad we made your morning. LOL)



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