To Make a Difference

Intercessory prayer has been on my mind a lot lately and as I studied for the Esther 8 post, I came across this quote in Warren Wiersbe's commentary.

I've been so blessed to have people who pray for me. During my teen years in Ecuador, then through my time at Moody, there was an older couple from Maine, Cecil and Evelyn Arrington, who prayed for my family--and me--each and every Tuesday without fail. I didn't find out Tuesday was our day until after I was married and Mrs. Arrington sent me a card. When I looked back through my journals, it was incredible to see how many answers to prayers were given and needs were met on Tuesdays. Their prayers made a huge difference in my life.

They aren't the only ones who pray for me--my parents pray for me and my family. They pray every day, remembering and holding up to God specific things for each one in their family. I learned long ago not to pour the milk on my cereal until after they prayed for breakfast. I don't like soggy cereal but I treasure their prayer for each of us! It makes a difference in our lives.

Monday was my mom's birthday. There have been times she's called to see how things were going and listened as I talked and talked and talked. She'd say "You just keep coming to mind..." and I knew she'd been praying. Often, just knowing she was praying was enough to give me energy and courage to keep going.

Today is my dad's birthday. He may be unable to do the things he used to due to the bone cancer, but he prays. He keeps a prayer list by his bed and prays when he wakes at night. I know that his interceding for his children has...IS...making a difference in their lives.

Your turn...
Tell me about some of the people who pray for you and the difference it's made in your life.


  1. Oh Patty, this is so very precious! Brought tears to my eyes, and also taught me a few things. Because of the prayers of others, God healed me and here I am today, doing what He called me to do! Their prayers, their coaching me through my prayers, released God's healing in and on me.

  2. I hate to think where I'd be without the prayers of others for me. I'm so thankful for those who pray!!! and so reminded that I need to be praying for others, too.

    Thanks for stopping by, Shelley. =]


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